Dr. Abusaleh Shariff Speaks at Global Donors Forum

Dr. Shariff at Global Donors Forum

Altruism with a purpose to build communities through production of public goods is a philanthropic idea leading to national development. Philanthropic spending puts additional pressure on the government to do the right thing. Philanthropy therefore must focus attention issues and sectors that matter to …

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Economic and Social Perspectives in the Context of 2014 General Elections and Minority Religions in India


US India Policy Institute expressed concern about the danger to ‘Democracy and Institutions’ in India and added that the state …

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The Washington Post: India’s Muslims Worried About Controversial Hindu Leader As National Elections Begin

The Washington Post Logo

“In practically all indicators, the Muslim community in India — in economic, social and political standing — are worse off …

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USIPI Succeeds in Engaging Indians in Houston for Inclusive Development Policies for Minorities

Houston Event on 4/5/14

US India Policy Institute dinner presentation on “Inclusive Development Strategies for Minorities – In the Decade Ahead” in …

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Press Release: US India Policy Institute Holds a Discussion on “Inclusive Development Strategy for Minorities: In the Decade Ahead”

Dr. AbuSaleh Shariff , Chief Scholar of USIPI

US India Policy Institute is holding a dinner discussion on Saturday, April 5th in Texas on the challenges facing minorities in …

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